Work Methodology

The result of a job well done.
We have been performing searches for professional profiles in Advertising, the Media, Consumer Goods and Services for over twenty five years.
During this time we have developed an exacting work methodology to ensure the speedy, guaranteed and confidential results required by a staff selection process.

We undertake a detailed study of the company and its needs, performing a thorough analysis of the position to be covered alonside the client.

Following the guidelines set out in the briefing, our Research department conducts a broad search of the market, identifying the most suitable profiles for the job.

The preselected candidates are interviewed by our consultants to assess their personal and professional suitability for the post.

We ask for references from their old hierarchical supervisors in order to check our assessment of the short-listed candidates.

After an exhaustive search, the client is presented with a selection of the most suitable candidates, plus a detailed report on each one, including our assessment, each candidate's personal and professional qualities and skills and the reason we have chosen them.

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