Our experience in the Financial Services field is backed by a selection of clients who have entrusted BPM with their quest for Executives and Managers in different areas:
  1. Central Services (Risks, Marketing & CRM)
  2. Commercial Banking
  3. Fund Management and Private Banking
  4. Enterprise Banking (SMEs)
  5. Corporate Banking

The Insurance sector in this country is deep in a process of change imposed by new products and new distribution channels.
We work for Insurance companies in a number of categories: Credit, Vehicle, Home, Health.

We work for consultancy firms in very different sectors: Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, the Automotive industry, Utilities.
We have conducted searches for Partners, Directors and Senior Managers in this sector.

This sector has undergone spectacular expansion and development in recent years, BPM having conducted searches for a wide variety of experienced professionals:
  1. Sales and Marketing Managers
  2. Technical Directors
  3. Expansion Managers
  4. Project Management Professionals

Our experience in this sector, which is playing a fundamental role in the process of transformation of both business and people, covers the areas of:
  1. Software / Hardware
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Internet / E-Commerce

BPM's experience in Industry includes HR searches and consultancy in the Automotive, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Energy, Plastics, Auxiliary Construction and Recycling sectors, among others.

BPM has helped family firms in their transition from first to second generation, as well as in the professionalization and transition of management teams during these companies' main stages of growth.

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