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Ready for Digital Transformation

imagen08Developments in the digital sector have been key in recent years, turning what used to be just another part of business structure into the main driver of business generally.

Corporate giants like Amazon, Apple and Google are establishing new rules in business competition, bursting into new sectors and offering absolutely revolutionary features.A fine example of this competition is in digital transactions, where digital payment has quickly become an everyday tool.


Programmatic Buying

Programmatic Buying is a new market for advertising space operated by an online system.

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The constant surge in the search engine marketing (SEM) system, which advocates placing sponsored results according to users’ interest in related searches, has caused a shift in thinking in display advertising or banner-based advertising.Based on this technology and shrewd processing of user data, a new buying system has been established, where you no longer buy space as we know it, but audiences.


New roles and needs in Digital Agencies: Creative Technologist and UX Designer

New roles and needs have appeared in the digital world in the quest for professionals to fit these new job descriptions.

imagen articulo2Creative Technologist

Technological innovations have driven the changes in how brands communicate with consumers.The Creative Technologist would be in charge of shaping this new relationship.

The Creative Technologist is responsible for conceiving, designing and implementing innovative, integrated and cross-media communication solutions. A position that requires an ability to hatch ideas as to how to incorporate technology into communication and set up new channels of communication for clients, by collaborating on a creative platform with different people to make those ideas better and more powerful.In the age of the user experience, The Creative Technologist is forced to analyse the technology used by the consumers of each product in order to connect with them in a new way. This requires staying constantly abreast not only of the latest social trends, but of technological developments, so as to locate environments where the brand can introduce them.


Social Media: Companies and social networks


The era of communication, a liquid world according to the specialists, has promoted suitable channels for broadcasting in different areas, with companies, brands and products all benefitting.

In 1930, the Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy first proposed the theory of the "Six Degrees of Separation" according to which any human being can connect to any other person on the planet via five intermediaries, or in other words, in six steps. It is this theory which serves to inspire the creation of digital platforms to connect old alumni and other professionals together.


Digital Marketing: Marketing Mix

imagen01The four traditional variables in the Marketing Mix (Price, Product, Distribution and Promotion) continue to be valid today, even though an extra four variables have been added to reflect the digital age we live in. These variables are:Personalization, Participation, Peer-to-Peer and Predictive modelling.


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